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Please contact your booking agent.

Passenger Portal


Thank you for booking with Boats Ibiza!

We kindly ask that you use the form below to submit the details of all passengers due to attend the charter, as required by Spanish law to complete a charter contract.

Please also take a moment to browse the island map, and possible drinks packages, food options and extras you may wish to include on your charter.

Your Booking:

Your Booking:

Passenger Information

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We require details for all passengers due to attend the charter.

Signing the waiver and supplying passenger details here will help prevent any delays to your charter on the day.

By signing the form you agree to the below waiver terms.


Before your charter your captain will conduct a safety brief and and show you the location of all safety equipment. Prior to this we would like you to read the below list of zero tolerance rules. Failure to comply with these will result in your charter ending early with no refund. These rules are put in place for the safety of yourselves and our captains. - No jumping off the boat while the engine is running. The captain will tell you when the boat is anchored, engine is off and it is safe to enter the water. If anyone enters the water while the engine is running, during any point of the charter, the captain will bring you immediately back to port and the charter is over. Alternatively, if the captain deems it too dangerous to return to port with you on board, you will be left at the nearest drop off point. - Do not arrive to your charter drunk. We understand you are in Ibiza and may have had a drink, and we want you to enjoy yourselves, however, if the Captain feels any of the group are already drunk he may refuse certain guests boarding or cancel the whole charter with no refund. - Fighting on board will not be tolerated. We understand play fighting and pushing each other off the boat, but if the Captain deems your actions excessive or dangerous, you will be returned to port. - No excessive drinking. We reserve the right to stop your drinking or cancel the charter if we feel your actions are a risk to yourself, others on board, or the boat. - Do not ignore captains instructions. The captain may give instructions throughout the day for your safety, failure to listen to these instructions will result in the cancellation of your charter. If any of these rules are broken, we reserve the right to cancel your charter and bring you back to port, or, if deemed too dangerous to do so, you will be left at the closest drop off point. We want you to have a great day and enjoy yourselves, so please respect these rules.

Passenger Submitted.

Drinks Packages

Many of our charters come with a standard drinks package included, however we have some great upgraded packages available for those who wish to make the day a bit more special!

If you would like to add an upgraded drinks package to your booking please click a package below and follow the instructions.

Please be aware we require a minimum of 3 days notice to add a drinks package to a booking.
For sooner bookings or bespoke requests please contact your booking agent.

Basic Upgrade



  • Local brand beer upgraded to Heineken.

  • + Two bottles of premium cava.

  • + One bottle of Malibu, Bacardi or Jack Daniels and mixers.

Premium Upgrade



  • Local brand beer upgraded to Heineken.

  • + Two bottles of premium cava.

  • + One 1L bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and mixers.

Diamond Upgrade



  • Local brand beer upgraded to Heineken.

  • + Two bottles of Moet and Chandon Champagne.

  • + One 1L bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and mixers.

Rose Upgrade



  • 6 Bottles of Miraval Rose.

Selected Drinks Package: 



+ €-

(This will be added to remaining balance.)

Package Added To Booking.

You will receive an updated confirmation when our team approve the package.

Thank you for your booking.

Food Packages

Our catering menu is available from 1st June to 1st September 2024.

We kindly ask you to order at least 3 days in advance. Please contact your booking agent to add food to your charter, or for last minute options and/or special requests you can reach us through Whatsapp: 0034 600 203 060

Minimum spend -€125, with the exception for the orders of birthday cakes.

Breakfast Basket
Basket royally filled with pastries such as croissant, pain au chocolait etc. Includes big bottle of freshly squeezed 
orange juice -

Charcuterie Platter (for four people)
Selection of cold & cured meats, nuts, dried fruits and luxury crackers - €75

Cheese Platter (for four people)
Selection of cheeses, grapes, nuts, dried fruits and luxury crackers - €75

Mixed Charcuterie and Cheese Platter (for four people)
Selection of both cheeses and meats, grapes, nuts, dried fruits and luxury crackers - €75

Fruit Platter (for four people)
Platter of freshly cut seasonal fruit - €50

Lunch Boxes

Tapas Lunch Box
Includes Spanish mini meatballs, melon with serrano ham, mini tortilla, mini croquettas, padron peppers, Russian salad and pan con tomate.
Everything homemade. -

Asian Lunch Box
Includes homemade Asian chicken ketjap, green beans in Indonesian sauce, steamed vegetables, white cooked rice. Baked onions and Abuelo's homemade hot sauce on the side. - €37.50(p.p)

Birthday Cakes - €50


Devilish Chocolate

Red Velvet

Extras and Water Toys

Please take a look at the possible extras and water toys available to include on your charter.
Contact your booking agent if you would like to add an extra to your charter.


To hire a jetski in Ibiza you are required to have a PWC license or higher. If you do not have this license then you will need to hire an instructor to accompany you.

Without Instructor -
€1500 Deposit
Instructor - €150

3 Passengers
300 HP 

Full Day - €550    |    Half Day - €400    |    (Plus Fuel)


3 Passengers
230 HP
Full Day - €450    |    Half Day - €325    |    (Plus Fuel)


3 Passengers
230 HP
Full Day - €450    |    Half Day - €325    |    (Plus Fuel)

rxt 300.jpg
gtx 230 cv.jpg
Wake Pro 230 cv.jpg


Please note that DJ decks are only available on board boats with enough space and large enough generators.
Bluetooth stereo systems are available on most boats at no charge.

DJ Decks
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 All-In-One DJ System 
Full Day / Half Day - €250


Extra Speakers
Please contact your booking agent. 
Price on Enquiry

Charter Map

Please use the map below to get an idea of fuel consumption, places of interest and possible restaurants you can visit on a full day charter.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your booking agent.

Please note many restaurants require a deposit or credit card details to secure a booking.


Location Name

location type

time from


time from


location info

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